“I am 21 and a senior at Oberlin. I  worked with Bill for approximately 3 years between the ages of 13 and 16. Bill is very flexible and he has been able to discuss anything that would help me with consciousness. He takes his work very seriously but he’s also a lot of fun and I always come away feeling glad that I came.” Ben Y., (currently a Senior at Oberlin)

“All that I learned working with you has helped me gain calm and focus. The expansion of consciousness has also helped me find appropriate access to my emotions for both my life and my creative work.” Alice Anne E., actor, Washington, D.C.

“I’m glad I did not jump to any conclusions about meditation and the exploration of consciousness. Approaching it with an open mind has proven to be an excellent decision. I believe you are a gifted teacher and coach and many people will benefit from your help.” Ed K., wholesale business, Wheaton MD

“Bill, I am ever so grateful for our work together. I’ve continued on the road we charted. You were my guiding light!” Lydia P., attorney, International Integrity Consultant, Washington, DC.

“After years of searching, your consciousness expansion program provided the next step in my spiritual growth. It has provided structure for my deep spiritual needs.” Charles C., psychologist, Springfield VA

“No matter how rushed or tired I am, the techniques I learned draw me up into higher levels of awareness and renew my sense of peace.” Joanne C., Financial Officer, Great Barrington, MA

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of Bill’s workshops and classes and have found him to be a wonderful teacher, well grounded in his subject matter, highly educated and articulate. His consciousness sessions have been expansive, compassionate, lively, and helpful.” Evie L., Ph.D., psychodramatist retired, Kearneysville WV

“When I first worked with Bill, it was to practice meditation. Since then I have taken a number of his classes and participated in sessions designed to go deeper into my own consciousness. I remain amazed at his depth of understanding and ability to lead others in their desire to make stronger connections to their own power and wonder.” Catherine I., Arts Management, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

“If there is one thing that could transform the quality of life on this Planet, it is ‘consciousness’. That means far more than just ‘not falling asleep’. Bill O’Brien knows how to illuminate the pathways to deep conscious awareness – of Self, Others, and the elements and animals that make up our Universe.”  Sea Raven, D.Min., Creation Spirituality  theologian and  author of “Theology from Exile”, Frederick MD

“There is no doubt that Bill helped me restart my life’s path and pointed me in a direction I never knew existed.” Sue Y., Jewelry Maker, Shepherdstown, WV

“Bill is the real deal. After speaking with him for five minutes you will realize that his only motivation is to help you further along on your intentional quest to expand your consciousness. Not only does he have a wealth of experience as a teacher and consciousness guide, he also has a depth of knowledge from classical Latin to current shamanic practices. I cannot think of a better leader on the road to higher consciousness than Bill – which is why my wife, my son, and  I have been working with him ever since we met him five years ago. As I said, Bill is the real deal.”  Mike Y., Engineer, Shepherdstown WV

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Consciousness Coaching addresses the spiritual hunger that many are experiencing but do not know where to find help.

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