Shamanic Healing Practice

     Shamanic Healing Practice

Shamanism is an ancient form of energy and nature based healing intentionally rooted in Spirit.

The two primary healing practices of shamanism are Illumination(the clearing of chakras and infusion of light from the Eighth Chakra (which is above the Crown Chakra and connects with divine realms)  and Soul Retrieval (restoring the soul to wholeness after recent or long ago, chronic or acute trauma).

Bill O’Brien is a 2018 certified graduate of the Light Body School 28 day intensive shamanic practitioner training. The Light Body School  is the course offered by the Four Winds Society ( ). This is the international organization of Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, a Stanford psychologist who spent decades among authentic native shamans of Peru. The course includes initiation into the Q’ero lineage of Peruvian shamans who are the descendants of the Incans. It is considered the gold standard of shamanic training.

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